Welcome to Baked Beans 2


'Baked Beans 2' is a platform that tries to replicate Crypto Bake-House's original 'Baked Beans' (https://bakedbeans.io/) project.
'Baked Beans 2' has no connection to the original 'Baked Beans' team.
The 'Baked Beans 2' smart contract is the exact same 'Baked Beans' contract which is audited, running a long time and verified on bscscan.

Buyback and burn system

The only small difference is that the 'Dev Fee' will now be used for the buyback of $BB2 tokens and these purchased tokens will be directly burned. This mechanism aims to make the $BB2 token useful by adding liquidity and removing tokens from circulation.

Staking System

The $BB2 token will have a staking system that will reward the most loyal holders of the token by giving a very attractive APR.
The staking system will not have any tax or token retention. The APR of the staking system will be a fixed 1095%.
Last modified 10mo ago